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Dear Supporters of the New Marriage Amendment,

Thank you each and everyone for your outstanding work!

Over 1000 churches and thousands of individuals are gathering signatures across the state. We are halfway through the signature drive with 30 days remaining until November 23 when ALL signatures must be at the various 351 town/city halls for certification.

We are currently processing tens of thousands of signatures through the town halls. But many of you have collected tens of thousands of more signatures and are holding on to them because you are still collecting.

We canít wait until November 23 Ė we need to process what you have now even as you gather more signatures!

Please help us by doing one of the following:

1. Submit the signatures you currently have to your town/city hall for certification. Get a receipt for them, pick them up when they are certified and get them to your regional coordinator or to us at:

VoteOnMarriage.org, 381 Elliot Street, Suite 185L, Newton Upper Falls, MA 02464-1156: Tel 617-795-2667

2. If you have signed petitions from too many different towns for you to process, just get them to your regional coordinator or us at VoteOnMarriage.org as soon as possible so that we can process them to the towns.

Jesus said, "The harvest is ready but the workers are few." In our case, the harvest is ready and you wonderful workers are harvesting signatures, but we still need to get the wheat to the "town hall mill" for grinding!

Jesus also told us to pray for the Lord of the Harvest to send out more workers. Letís all be praying that we get all the workers necessary to bring our harvest to the town halls for certification by November 23!

Thanks again to all for continuing this absolutely fantastic work so we can collect well over our goal of 120,000 signatures. We want the Legislature to get the message loud and clear: "Let the people vote!"

For our families,

Kris Mineau, President, Massachusetts Family Institute