Massachusetts Moms Alert!

Our chldren and our democracy are at risk!

Once upon a time, there were two kings. They got married and lived happily ever after...

Starting in kindergarten, children in Massachusetts are being read stories like this one.

1.  Do you know that promoting homosexual education to our children in schools may become mandatory at all grades starting in kindergarten if the same-sex marriage ruling is not changed to restore the traditional definition of marriage between one man and one woman?

   FACT: Because of the same sex marriage ruling, children are already being openly taught graphic homosexual sex in many schools throughout the Commonwealth.

2. Do you know that the homosexual lifestyle has a very high risk of early death from HIV and other diseases?

      FACT: The male-to-male-homosexual sex act has a 5 times greater risk per act of  transmitting HIV to a healthy recipient than heterosexual sex. Click on the following US  Government fact sheet link: “HIV/AIDS among Men Who Have Sex with Men” and see for yourself the  negative outcome of teaching schoolchildren the distorted public health message that  homosexuality is equivalent to heterosexuality.

3.  Do you know that same-sex marriage threatens our democracy by curtailing our freedom of speech, and our religious freedom on issues relating to homosexuality, leading to religious persecution? 

      FACT: The mere criticism of homosexuality is already considered a hate crime in Sweden  and Canada. 

FACT: Here in Massachusetts, Catholic Charities had to close its 100 years old adoption agency because the same sex marriage ruling required it to place children for adoption in homosexual households! 

FACT: Our right to vote on traditional marriage is already being hotly debated!

What can we do?

  1. Call your State senator and representative IMMEDIATELY at

      617-722-7000 and urge them to “Let the People Vote on the Marriage Amendment!”

  1. Vote on Election Day, Nov. 7, for pro-family candidates. To find out which candidates stand for family values, consult the Voter Guides provided by the Mass. Family Institute at

3. Join supporters at the state house on November 9, 2006, when the current legislators will vote on the Marriage Amendment at the Constitutional Convention.

4. Copy this flyer and get the word out on this very important issue!

Flyer printed by Mothers Mobilizing Massachusetts (MMM).